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& avid mattingly cnn...mobile alabama. 3& federal health 33 finally easing in the u-s..&p33 the c-d-c reports infllenza activity decreased in many areas f the couutry & last week. 21 tates are reporttng odeeate toohigh pctivity. 13 reported low activity .... and 11 reporting minimaa.. heeflu continueddto hit older people hard with moree phaa half of hospitaaizations involvvng aults over 655 64 children have diid - from the virus this season. experts say it's not too late to get vvccinnted. 33 gas prices aar on the rise.the average price for a gallon of gas naaionwide is 3-71. ttat's -3 up 13 ents ii just the lastt week... and 42 cents in just the last month.herr in less... at --0 a gaalon.thh reason behind the ssrge?thee rising pricc of oil. oil.we're saviiggyou mmney at the pump.tt find the best gas & prices in your neighborrhod.. go to our website.. foxbaltimore dot ccm and lick on uup patrol. 3 a section oo light street near the inner harbor remains shut down this morning as bridge. they're re
, and - may again, soon -- that all -3 time high is 14,166alison &pkosik, cnn, new york -----end-----cnn.ssript----- 3 cominn up... it's he time -3 year that people are gettinn experts are saying the weather might noo be the blame. 3 all eyessare on making his eagerly anttcpated predictton. we will have live ccveeage... throughout ouu 45 morning news.. all local.. all morninn. 3 ((break 33) 3 phere are all kinds of oldd 3 sayings about things that can make yyu sick... like drastic temperature changes aad goingg outside when your hair is wet. but are ny of these beliefs actualll true.this morniig 3 3 most f us grow up hearing all -3 sorts of advice when it comee to winter and getting sick... likk don't gooout with your hair wet, hicken soup currs colds, anddquicc temperaturee &pchanges will ave you &pdesperately reaching for meeicine."your immmne ystem is not uued to ii, to the change in weather, to he rrpid change.""customers always come in anddsay they they're goiig to get ick,,and that's whyyeveryyody's sick right now."but
taylor in new york. -----end---- -cnn.script----- -- 3&pm-c hammer..in the slammer! slammer!what the rapper ii -3 pccused of doinn to behind bars! p,3 ((amber livv tease)) 3&p((break 4)) & jussin timberlake and jay z - .... n tour together.we've 3 herr in baltimooe..mmnday... on fox45 morning news.33 ááadlib over ,3&pweathhr shotáá 3 p3 3 weather shooáá 3 ááadlib hht ith tonyáá 3 3 many patients of a johns 3 their legal options tonight after learning that their doctor may have secretlyytaped their examss pilled himseef this week by &ppatients filed a class-actton lawsuit againstthopkins. noo..attornnys with another firm met with other patieets anddpredict more lawsuits are immiient. 33 130 the damagge are as yet & completell unknown... oc: that'ssan invasion 3 of privacy 153 153 the coccran firm wheer ssme oo the sixtt women who attended signed rrtainerr agreements withhtte firm. 3 a teacher is charged with sexually abusing students at a montgomery ounty elementary -33 a sixth grade teacher at - meadoo hhll elemeenary
will look around every &pcorner and we will search mounnaintops for him. 3 c-n-n has acquired this surveillance video from an &pauto pprts store n san diego coonty. it appears to show dorner tossing a magazinn fulll of bullets nd a ilitary belt & into a dumpster. this videoo - is from monday ... theedayy aater dornee allegedly shot and killlddtwo people. 3 a new uus commanner has taken charge of iiternational 3 maaine general joseph 3allen who had been in the role -3 ssnce july 2011..... making him the longest-serving commander of the internatinal & security assiitaace orce. kabul.... allen handed the isaf flag over to a nato representttive whhothhn handed it over to dunnord. allen waa nnminated to become the head of nato forces in europe. 3 singer chris brown is recovering this morning fter -&ppolicc say his car slammed into aawall. wall. brown told beverlyyhills police that he -3 was being chasee by some 3 his orsche. he wasn't -hurt. & 3 ----nats oo singing----- --- music's bigg
summer offlove.the liqqor -3control board told cnn the pot consslting job will pay less pear... in a ssate testing its own big bong theory. -----end-----cnn.script----- & 3 coming up... talkkng ssack just hours &pbefore the big game. 3& "the 49-ers you know thee too often but when they do theyywiinii. he's rubbing it -3 in again. i know." know." whht -3 mayor stephanie rawlingg-blake and the mayor of san francisco hhd to say. and the heated bet thee have against each other. 3 yoo may need to check our twitter page. p how many userr sitess were hacked. and why youu personnl information pould be in jeooardy. you're waachiig fx 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 3)) 3 ((bump in)) 3 p(bump in)) 3 coming up.. ad-lii tease 3 &p3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 itts game day!ravens fans everywhere feeling the excitement... ahead of 3 game.pattice saaders iss streaming now in new ooleans with a looo at ll that's 3- 3 happening.a llok at all that's new orleans w
-a-p-d ddeam jobbaway.in addition to ssaring is manifesst online, dorner also sent cnn's anderson cooper a package contaiiing a d-v-d, a post-ii coin....hich has speciaa &pmeaning... wrapped in duct tape. intoo he military, eading d - the office and present them with one f theseecoinn aa a token of respect and gooo luck." bear lakeecould affecc their search. they have urged people a potentially hissoric winter sttrm... is gettinggready to slam theenortheast. northeast.:19 "this will not be a six or ssven hour storm. this ooks to be a drawn out snow." foreccsters are predicting sooe areas could get hit with two and half feet &porrmore.and already... the to the "great blizzard" oo 1978... which left thousands of people sttrnded on highways. on thursday... boston put of logan airport... before the storm mmved in. :38 "weere flying out tooorrow a noon and i just scrambled yesterday morring to change everything up.ii's going to be crazy later i bbt, i'm glad that its calm now." noo." tte massachusetts will have more thaa 6-hhnnred extra plows areestanding by. d 9 thousand app
new tax increases. to wook something outt but once aggin, it's a game of acosta cnn washhngton." -----end-----cnn.script----- --kkyword tags--democrats solu college student one new jersey colleeg student saw a need... &pand created he buuiness to &pit.the special erviceehe students.. in a pinnh. and next..the appliances... you 3 weekend. ou're watching if you're in the 3 market for new appliances .. yyu're in uck. this weekend, you get a tax break ccmptroollr peterrfrnaahot pjoiis uu his morning witt weekend."-what's ppanned for pwhicc appliances 3 apply 3 -only this weekked-why doess the state do this ....it's been three yyars 3 -do you get a lot of response 3 3 3 3 parll hrriion...we'rr waiting for your call! call!you could have 400 extra 33 to the next hour.stay tuned to see how it all unnoldss uufolds!!- 3 an outer space event..ow maryland was watching a close & enkcounter with an steroid. on fox 45 news aa five 3 -wiaw...pikessille 3 -erica and arthur 3 say i do live in just about a 3 3 3 3& 3 3 33 3 the passengeesof the
repaired..- but tte meteor's impact oo -3 sooe wwll ake longeertooheall phil black, cnn, near chelyabinsk, russia. 3 coming up... 3 starttyourrwork week off... wwth an extra 300 bucks ii &pyour pocket.we raw another pinnerrin our frrebruary contest righttafter the break.and yyu can still get yyur name in the box.. facebook dot com slash 3 tte debate over he health beneeits oo alcohol.ssme - distubring newwinforration on foo 45 news at five.3 3 it's our free-bru-ary giveaway! 3 we'reegiving away 100- dollars an hour..-hour.óóóóóó you have 30 3 minutes to call us at the 33 screen.if yoo don't all in.. your prize rolls over into the next hoor for someone lse to win! win!to get your name in the plash fxbaltimore and fiil out the form..ou can allo go therr to read complete contest pulee. 3 3& -3 3 3p 3 3 a stabbiig at the unversity of mmryland eastern shore ddad..t happened over the weekendd.. and this morning suspecttsmegan gilliland is llve from tate police headquarters in pikesville... investigation. good morning guys,althoog
will look around every corner and we will search pountaintops forrhim. 3 p3 c-n-n has acquured this surveillance video frrm an auto parrs store in san iego &pcounty. it appears to show dorner tossing aamagazine full oo bullets and a illtary belt intooa dumpster. this video is from onday ... the day after ddrner from monday ... -3 thh day after dorner allegedly shot nd killed two people. &p3 police in howaad county areeaskkng for your - help in tracking doww a hit and run susppct. 3 on thursddy "billl lester""says he was walking too work cedar lane n ccoumbia. when he attempted to cross the street he was suddenny hit by a car. lester says now he just &wants the person resspnsiile tt come forward. 3 "this is unreal... if this was your faaher, would you run from your own father? if someone was t it your mooher, would ou run from your own mother?" mother?" lestee says he doesn'ttremembbr uch about the accident.....ut does remember the side mirror falling off. the criminal. 3 prince george
a enerator into eyoncees hips, problem sslved."jm, cnn, ny. 3coming up on good ay baltimore... 3 win cash....in our "freebruaay" contest.your shot & at 200 dollars... is happeeiig sometime in the next 30 minutes... if lynelle toolson doesn't ccll in the nexxt5 mmnutts..yu're atchinn fox 44 mooning news.. al local.. all &pmorning. &p ((bbeakk8)) years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
severallyears short of officiil ssoweddthat memo to cnn, but t was nnver meant for theepublic. the commander senttit to the seal ccmmmnity, & accusations thaa he had arthritii, eyy amaae aad blown discs, buu no health care or pension. the seal commander says he voluntarily left the service - despite the option to stay in... quote ""laims to the connrary are & false."that goes against everything we are taught. wee donnt complain.john mcguire -3 sayy everyone knowssgoing in - 3 pension.itts raae that someone gees out at 16. ut i ave a lot of respect forrsooeonn who pnnws when hey're done. coming up... 3 a big hange... is coming to the miss america pageant.whatt you'll otice... sttrting ext & fall. &p 3 ((ambee ive tease)) & 3 ááadlib verr3 ááaalib over weather shotáá- live look pratt 3&pstreet ááadllb chatáá 3 p3 3 3 a altimore city firefighter & on the side... now faces pederal chhrges.. 3 rooecutors say - jamaa simmons operated annon- & pine prostiiution ring. pccordiig to the feeeral indictment, simmons transported femal
laden waa down on the floor alrradyydead..quote, "the & the right side f his head." cnn can't vvrify either story. & buu our sourcessssy the credible, and thaa bin adee & was alive and standdng when the seals entered the room. o why come forward now? beeause &ppresiddnt obama ot accolades for authorizing the ission. bbssonnette's bookk it the bestsellerrlist. and zero dark thirty raked in millions and awards.but the shooter & and struggling to fill a disability claimm "he ets no pensionn zero pension." 3 the shooter got out of the military four years early.you havv to o 20 to get the -3 pension.also... he volunteered forrthe seal training. 3 ccming up... 3&pbecome a part of history.whhre yoo can go... to submit your name ideassfor pluto's moons. 3 ((joel live teese)) you'rr waachhng ffx 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 p(break 4)) hey, what are you drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there'
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